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4**           m             jm          .              /*           *                                                  *                *       nc                  *                                                               4                                -         

like his first wife, he can ea^iy Jrr.e liar a"A;iy and  pay kalam

the first mi.rrisg?.   He can bring in the

second                   pay Kulaai T&ppu.

It          so happen that   the   second prl comes to

forsaking her owa husband, ai;d wa;^ a temporary shelter.   She

in his house for ^cnie time.    Bui the  first \vife would

not tolerate her rival She makes life tuo hot for the new-comer.

The              lias his curs full iviih J:c \vo;ncu"s continuous

wrangling and ceaseless coasplaints against one another; his liaads

are full,                 one                  tlian another until one of the

is so          as to leave liis house, and go elsewhere.   She

may choose a new lover. Or she may simply set up a lonely new

home, The eocl result is clear. The polygamous marriage soone*

or later ends as a monogamous one.

The Gadabas practical wisdom has found a simple solution

to the problem by simply allowing untrammelled freedom to the

individual. No woader there is no taboo against polygamy; there

are HO pologaaioiis families, either, among them.

12.   Death :

When anyone dies in the Gadaba Community, the matter

is immediately brought to tfee notice of the chief. Messengers are

despatched, by the chief, to                 ia neighbouring villages.

The women mourn the death. The daughters and other near

relatives lament the death with wails and tears. The corpse is

accompanied by the kiasoaea aad tha chief. They dig a pit anct

bury the corpse.

Some of the advanced Gadabas holding government jobs,

and   hence             prosperous,   emulate   the   Hindu   custom of

cremating   the  corpse.    This   invohes considerable expenditure

towards purchase of firewood,  etc., for making the funeral pyre*

TMs pieties is therefore rare ami>ag ths Gadabas3